Unisex Electric Hybrid Bike Hire

The Mark2 X-Cross 450 is a multi purpose step through hybrid electric bike that is capable of dealing with road work and light trails. With its lightweight rear hub motor it offers powerful smooth assistance to make any ride enjoyable.

Well equipped with Suntour XMC LO front suspension, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc braking front and rear it provides a safe and comfortable ride. It also comes with lights, a rear rack and a side stand as standard, so it’s also practical.

The Unisex step through frame configuration is easy to mount and dismount giving you the freedom to enjoy this bike.

With 4 power levels you can choose your own level of effort and the built in screen provides all the information you require including power level, battery level, speed and distance.

Location & Prices

Available from our base in Andover from £35 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Step Thru E Hybrid?

A Step Thru is a frame configuration that has no cross bar. This allows shorter riders and riders with physical limitations an option to still enjoy the freedom of cycling. The electrical assistance adds to the ease of use too.

Why choose an E Hybrid over an E MTB?

If you are planning to spend most of your time on a road then a hybrid is a better option than a mountain bike. The tyres, gearing, suspension and geometry are better suited to the road than an E MTB.

Can an E Hybrid be used off road?

The tyres and suspension on an E Hybrid will give the bike advantages over a road bike when going off road but the tyres are a compromise so grip, especially if conditions are wet and muddy is limited. The suspension travel is also short so extreme terrain would be hazardous. A hybrid is suitable for the roads and gravel trails.

"We really enjoyed our first experience of riding electric bikes last weekend. The bikes were new, comfortable and really easy to ride. It was a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the local countryside. We'll be back!"

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